Zoom performance

Edible labyrinth Amserdam

Harvesting ritual @ Four Sisters project, Amsterdam New West  

Seed storytelling

Collective sculpture building

photo by Lous Martin

Harvesting ritual & social sculpture

stills from once you till  by Sol Archer

Reading group @ Four Sisters in collaboration with Veem House, Amsterdam 2021

photo by Emiel Wolf

the things we can't yet see

Walking tour @ Four Sisters project opening, Amsterdam 2021

Choreographic walk with audio tour @ Julidance festival, Amsterdam 2019

curated by Marjolein Vogels

Choreographic walk with audio tour @ WhyNot Festival, Amsterdam 2017

Ambient instalation with audio tour @ Remont Gallery, Belgrade 2018

curated by Miroslav Karić

photo by Boris Burić


With her interest in enactivism and participation, Šujica resorts to diverse techniques such as somatic dance, action-perception or action learning, as intervention frameworks and processes that inform her art making. By including elements from performing and visual art practice, she re-designs methods originally developed to support recognition of subjective world of set members and the social context of their works and lives, creating the work that puts in focus the interaction between individuals or groups with their surroundings. The performance is manifested through one on one sessions, guided performances, audio tours and ambient installations.